Monday, April 25, 2016

Hurtin' for certain

I'm no orthopedic surgeon. ("What?! I'm shocked, shocked!" you're saying). So all I can  contribute to the chatter about Steph Curry going down with a knee injury yesterday is the fall looked really, really awkward, worse-than-just-an-owie awkward, and if that means it really is worse than just an owie, the NBA playoffs just took a serious hit.

Be honest: Isn't half the reason you're watching is to see if the Warriors can close the deal on an historic season?

And if Curry's injury turns out to be more than just a sprain, doesn't that blow a hole in their chances to do that?

I mean, not just a hole-hole. A Sea of Tranquility-sized hole.

So if Curry's injury knocks him out (and no one with a soul, or who loves basketball played elegantly, is hoping that's the case), what are we watching from here on out? How far the Warriors can go without him? Another Spurs-Cavaliers NBA Finals? LeBron 'n' them vs. The Big Fundamental 'n' them, one more time?

Look, I get that some portion of America will still be glued to their big screens if that's what we get, because A) the Spurs, like the Warriors, play the game correctly, and therefore are fun to watch for hoops PhDs, and B) this could be LeBron's best shot at bringing that promised title home to Cleveland.

But, again, be honest: Unless you live in the Mistake by the Lake (or just loooove the Spurs to death), won't something go out of the playoffs for you if Curry can't continue?  Won't the more casual fans shrug and turn away as soon as the Warriors go down?

(And, sure, OK, maybe they still muddle through. But can anyone realistically see them getting to the Finals again without Curry? The guess here is they get farther than most people think they will, but not far enough. And not far enough is all that really matters here.)

Like it or not the NBA is Steph Curry's world now, and so without him ... what? The NBA is a player-driven league, and right now he is the player. Imagine the NBA playoffs in the '90s had Michael Jordan gone down. Imagine, in the '80s, if Bird and Magic both went on the shelf in the playoffs. That's kind of where we are right now. And it's why Steph Curry's knee just became the most important body part in America.

Love pro buckets?

Best light a candle for Sir Bombs Away, then. Because you know who's lighting a few right now?

NBA commish Adam Silver. Bet the homestead on it.      

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