Friday, July 17, 2015

Tiger's tale

In case you missed it, St. Andrew's knocked down Tiger Woods and stole his lunch money yesterday in the first round of the British Open, extracting a 4-over 76 from him that left Woods tied with Tom Watson for 136th or thereabouts.

This is the final British Open for Watson, who's not as old as the Old Course but is getting up there. As for El Tigre ... well, apparently age was the meme for his day, given all of that.

Bad enough that he went swimming in Swilcan Burn and found hallowed trouble all over his sport's most hallowed ground. But he also got flamed by AARP -- which is hard to do, and therefore oddly impressive if you think about it.

It seems Woods made a harmless crack the other day when asked about retirement -- something about how he didn't have his AARP card yet. Well, AARP was not about to take that lying down. And so, when Woods, who's 39, limped in with his wreck of a round yesterday, AARP tweeted this:  "It's better to be over 50, than it is to be over par. "


Man. Old people are mean.

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